Yulista Aviation, Inc. was formed in 2007 and has established a solid reputation for providing a wide range of rapid response support to the Department of Defense, all US military services and Foreign Military Service (FMS) customers. These support services range from basic manufacturing to technically advanced modifications of aviation, ground, missile and naval weapon systems.


YAI has an extensive background in the engineering, design, prototyping, developmental testing, qualification and production of advanced technology solutions and their integration into various aircraft, ground combat systems and naval weapon platforms. YAI also has extensive experience with field support services and logistical support of military weapon systems.


YAI is an Alaska Native-Owned Company (ANC). YAI is a subsidiary of Yulista Holding, LLC, a wholly-owned sub of the Calista Corporation. The Calista Corporation serves over 25,500 Alaska Native shareholders in southwest Alaska. The corporate culture and values of the Alaska Native people will always remain an integral part of YAI and our business philosophy.


“Yulista is committed to continual improvement of our QMS through employee development, achieving quality objectives, and satisfying all applicable requirements.”


“Yulista strives to provide a continually improving safety management system that ensures safety of product, personnel and equipment by setting appropriate metrics and encouraging reporting of questionable safety practices and incidents by all employees without fear of retaliation.”