Core Competencies — Naval and Maritime Support

YAI has a rapidly growing naval and maritime support capability at Panama City Beach, FL; Stennis, MS; San Diego, CA; and Port Hueneme, CA.

YAI naval and maritime efforts are focused on support of underwater delivery vehicles, unmanned autonomous vehicles, support shelters, mobile and deployable command and control systems, and ship-board automated inventory systems.

YAI naval and maritime support functions:

  • Build and integrate autonomous underwater vehicles and support structures such as operations van and launch and recovery systems
  • Rapidly prototype and integrate expeditionary warfare systems
  • Provide machining and / or welding of various materials to customer specifications
  • Plan and provide systems integration, testing and evaluation
  • Respond to urgent requirements supporting the Warfighter in a combat environment
  • Utilize a risk management program to identify and mitigate program risks in the areas of cost, schedule, performance and supportability
  • Produce Production Engineering Technical Data Packages
  • Produce solid models of components and sub-systems
  • Integrate both off-the-shelf and developmental components and systems
  • Design, install, configure, and maintain equipment supporting communications, shelters, exercises, and assessments
  • Provide operators for software, mechanical, electrical, and electromechanical systems
  • Install, configure, test, and troubleshoot hardware and instrumentation down to the card level
  • Conduct on-site installations, checkout, and verification-validation tests

YAI has a cadre of experienced former military personnel, trained and qualified to pursue a wide range of technical and administrative support tasks. Coordinating three facilities tailored to meet current and future naval and maritime requirements, YAI provides both DoD and commercial industries with a proven avenue for success.

For more information, please contact:

Mrs. Connie Rigby Leete, Customer Support Liasion


Maritme Operations, Panama City

Phone: (850) 234-6169


Remus Shelter
REMUS MK18 Wave III Support

Marines Marines Shelter
Unmanned Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Shelter

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