Redstone Defense Systems (RDS) Successfully Executed Phase 1 of A-10 HUD Contract

A-10 HUD—Value $17M—300 total Units: RDS successfully executed phase I of a $17 million dollar contract for the development and production of an upgraded A-10 Head Up Display (HUD) to include development of an automated test system.

RDS developed form, fit, and function of the upgraded HUD for the A-10 attack aircraft utilizing sustainable, up to date components, and state of the art technology. RDS was able to successfully enhance existing HUD design, develop a fully procurable Technical Data Package, and produce four Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) HUDs. These four HUDs have been flying on test wing aircraft at Nellis AFB since June 2014.

RDS was granted permission in the August of 2014 to begin Phase II of the project; this is the full-rate production of the A-10 HUDs. The first full-rate production deliveries occurred September 29th 2014, with eight HUDs being delivered to Robins AFB. RDS will continue production of A-10 HUDs through May of 2016.

Yulista Aviation is the prime contractor in the RDS joint venture with Science and Engineering Services, Inc.