Press Release

YAI Receives New Certifications

January 26, 2014

YAI has officially achieved ISO 9001:2008/AS9100 & AS9110 certification for all sites and all locations, assuring our customers the highest possible quality with built-in processes and procedures that ensure accountability and continuous proactive improvement to both processes and products. Auditors from SAI Global, an Internationally recognized Certification Body accredited by ANSI-ASQ Accreditation Board, ANAB, conducted stringent reviews of processes, procedures, practices, management commitment and objective evidence prior to certification. YAI has consistently maintained ISO 9001:2008 /AS9100/AS9110 Certification to further our commitment and demonstrate excellence in all that we do for our customers and the War Fighters assuring them of first class products and services.

"These certifications have been achieved by some very hard work by all of our employees and managers, but, it could not have been done without the tireless efforts of Parvez Siddiqi and Wyndie Meyer. I want to thank them for what has been accomplished because this lays the foundation for our future growth."

Darrell L. Harrison

President, Yulista Aviation, Inc.