Core Competencies — Training and Simulation

YAI training and simulation projects have included development of training aids, training simulators, storyboards and instructional material. YAI has provided instructors to support both institutional and mobile training teams, enabling the soldier to effectively employ the latest in weapons technologies. YAI has developed courseware in commercial and military formats, conducted training for new equipment training teams and provided classroom training. One of the major simulation projects undertaken by YAI was the manufacturing of Transportable, Flight Proficiency Simulators (TFPSs) for the Army’s Cargo Helicopter office.

Project Highlight —CH-47F Transportable Flight Proficiency Simulator (TFPS)

Yulista provided PM Cargo the engineering, manufacturing and aviation integration facilities for five Build-to-Print CH-47 Transportable Flight Proficiency Simulator (TFPS) Systems. This hardware / system deliverable of a DoD Acquisition Category (ACAT) 1D major weapon system training support device is required to train Army Aviation / military pilots prior to deployment to wartime operations.

These simulators require a bill of material of over 2,000 line items, manufacturing and assembly of approximately 1,000 metal components, modification or manufacture of more than 500 wire harnesses and/or cable assemblies, and complex installation of electrical and mechanical components. These transportable simulators include an assortment of COTS (Commercial-off-the-Shelf) components, aircraft components, and state-of-the-art graphics. The sixth and seventh Foreign Military Sales (FMS) units are currently in production for the Australian Army.


External View of CH-47 Flight Simulator

Internal View of CH-47 Flight Simulator